Virtual Workshop Weekend

Embroidery, hand-stitching, tape weaving, fashion, furniture, fiber, and drinks. What do these have in common? They’re key elements of the 18th Century!

Join the Linen Agency as we host a Virtual Workshop Weekend, May 16-17! You can attend introductory and intermediate hands-on classes in addition to informational talks, all led by Living History professionals. 


* Workshops are Eastern Standard Time

*Links to sessions will be emailed 1-2 days before workshop

What to Wear in the 18th Century

Learn about women's clothing in the colonies from the span of the French and Indian War through the Revolutionary War. Historical costumer, Jessica Young will demonstrate getting dressed, while explaining the differences between 18th century class systems and what women wore.

Hand Sewing: Make a Stitch Book

Learning to sew in the 18th century means learning stitches of the time. In this class, explore the basic stitches and make your own book of them. Stitches you'll learn and use include: running stitch, back stitch (several variations), whip stitch, and several hem stitches.

An Intro to 18th Century Fiber Arts

In this class, get a firsthand look at the different fibers of the 18th century. From wool to linen to cotton; learn about their uses and how they are processed, dyed, and spun. Watch a live spinning demonstration!

18th Century Happy Hour

Learn about historic beverages - brewed, fermented, and distilled - and how their availability in different communities varied. Discover tips and tricks for interpreting the past using social customs. Participants will leave with an easy recipe or two, so they can drink in 18th century style at home.

An Intro to 18th Century Furniture and Construction

In this workshop session, explore the influences of 18th century furniture. You'll learn about the types of furniture found in homes during the 18th century and furniture on campaign with the military.

Make An 18th Century School Girl Sampler


Make an Embroidered Pin Ball


Make 18th Century Mitts


Tape Weaving