The Linen Agency

The Linen Agency is an event management and marketing company, specializing in immersive, historically-themed experiences. Founder and Managing Director, Kendall Kendrick, brings together Living History professionals to create informative and entertaining events including 18th century teas, wine tastings, tavern nights, reenactment weekends, virtual workshops, and festivals. With 26 years of experience, Kendall also helps historically-themed brands grow and scale their businesses through digital marketing. After struggling to find easily accessible resources for beginners in 18th century living history, she created The Beginner's Guide to the 18th Century YouTube Channel & Membership Site.

Latest News

How Living History Shapes Us

Three distinct living history experiences stand out in my childhood memories. Those sensorial experiences shaped my relationship to history. A Window into the Past The first memory is of a visit with my family to Historic Westville. A living history museum representing 19th century Columbus, Georgia. All these years later I still remember … Read More ›

5 Quick Tips for Better Product Photos

I first met Robert Clay at the annual Rev War reenactment I manage, Battle of Charlotte in September 2019. He took an enormous amount of fantastic photos, including the title photo. He loves photographing our living history community! Just like me, Robert also wants to help makers succeed and promote their products well. … Read More ›