The Linen Agency

Founder and Director, Kendall Kendrick has 26 years of experience in the marketing industry. Her career began as 17-year old radio personality and by 20, she became a Promotions Director planning concerts and events. She now serves the Living History community by helping historically-themed brands modernize their message through Instagram marketing. Kendall is also known for creating innovative events for the historical community. You can often find her in the 18th Century.


Sarah @TheWanderingNook

"I've been so very thankful for the help and encouragement I've received from Kendall at The Linen Agency. If you need someone to help you with your historical event planning, someone to consult/give you ideas on your branding, or someone to just give you a good ole encouraging push in the right direction, she's the one for the job!

Kristin @LongCreekMercantile

I am four weeks into my tape weaving business and am having a blast doing something I love. Kendall at The Linen Agency helped me get started. Her motto "Weaving Historical Brands into the 21st Century" could not be more literal for me! She is amazing!

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